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Heaven is Under our Feet by Don Henley
Heaven is Under our Feet
List Price: $18.95
Our Price: $10.00

This book is an informative and entertaining collection of personal narratives about environmental issues by people who have committed their time and efforts to aid the fight to preserve Walden Woods. It includes chapters from Ed Begley, Jr., Jimmy Buffett, Jimmy Carter, E.L. Doctorow, Michael Dorris, Louise Erdrich, Arun Gandhi, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks, Jim Harrison, Don Henley, Jesse Jackson, Sen. Edward Kennedy, James Michener, Robert Redford, Sting, Kurt Vonnegut and many others. Hardcover Book

Copies Autographed by Don Henley are no longer available!
Suncatcher - Dragon Fly
Suncatcher - Dragon Fly
Our Price: $10.00

Suncatcher - Dragon Fly
Walden Today, Wayne M. Thomas
List Price: $16.95
Our Price: $11.95
You save $5.00!

Walden Today, subtitled: How to Change What You Do Into What You'd Rather Be Doing, by Wayne M. Thomas.  "Thomas brings Thoreau's perspective on how to live to the twenty-first century.  Thomas combines his knowledge of Thoreau's life and works with the fascinating story of his own family's decision to "live abundantly'.  The book offers concrete examples of how to use Thoreau's ideas to change our lives for the better."  Some copies signed by the author available.
Soft Cover, 6 x 9 inch format, 177pp.
Join author Robert Young as he walks along the roads traveled by Henry David Thoreau and companion Richard Fuller in 1842. Explore and relive the thrill and the challenge of making the 34 mile journey from Concord, MA to Mt. Wachusett, located in Princeto
Walking to Wachusett: A Re-Enactment of Henry David Thoreau's A Walk to Wachusett - Robert Young
Our Price: $14.95

Walking to Wachusett: A Re-Enactment of Henry David Thoreau's A Walk to Wachusett - Robert Young
Henry David Thoreau and the Moral Agency of Knowing
Thoreau's New England Stephan Gorman
List Price: $26.00
Our Price: $15.00

Gorman, Stephen Thoreau's New England: Photographs and Selections. Hanover, NH and London, England: University Press of New England, 2007. 84 pp. Hardbound.
Stephen Gorman's stunning full-color photographs harmonize with selections from the classic writings of Henry David Thoreau, one of America's most original thinkers and a perennially inspiring nature writer. A century and a half ago Thoreau first entered the Maine woods and found freedom in a wild realm "far from mankind and election day!"Traveling in the footsteps of this now-legendary author, Stephen Gorman brings a fresh eye and a keen sense of humanity's place in nature to the far reaches of untamed New England. Whether it is the stormclouded summit of Mount Katahdin, or Cape Cod--where towering sand dunes and open ocean collide--Thoreau's words resonate across the centuries and come to life again in Gorman's images of New England's bewitching and priceless natural heritage. This beautiful volume stands as testimony to the enduring beauty and power of wild New England.
"Steve Gorman is a true American visionary. His masterful images are beautiful and sometimes disturbing, but they offer tantalizing clues into the nature of our national character and our capricious relationship to the natural world. His work deftly inscribes our beliefs, our dreams, and our American story in an accessible and eye-opening way."
For yourself or as a gift to any lover of New England. Hard Cover, 9 x 9 inch format, 84 pp. Shrink-wrapped copies.
Dan Brown, author of The DaVinci Code
Zoro's Field (Paperback Ed.)
Zoro's Field (Paperback Ed.), Thomas Crowe
Our Price: $16.95

Crowe, Thomas Rain Zoro's Field, My Life in the Appalachian Woods. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, 2005. 221 pp. paperback.
Crowe's Thoreau-esque 4 year residence in a cabin on the edge of Zoro's field gives birth to one of the finest books of this genre to come along in years.
Winner of the 2005 Ragan Old North State Award cup for Nonfiction.
Winner of the Phillip D. Reed Memorial Award fro Outsatnding Writing on the Southern Environment.
Honorable Mention, 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards.
Shop at Walden Pond Staff recommended book.
"A Walden for today, paced to nature's rhythm's and cycles and filled with a wisdom one gains only through the pursuit of a consciously simple, spiritual, environmentally responsible life." Blue Ridge Outdoors


Thoreau at Walden, John Porcellino
Our Price: $16.99

A fresh, new look at Thoreau's "Walden."  With wonderful original graphics, the author, John Porcellino, uses only the words of Thoreau to tell the story of the two years he spent at Walden Pond.  The paired down text (quotations really) focuses on Thoreau's most profound ideas and captures the essence of his writings.
Hard Cover, 98 pp.  7 x 10 inch format.
This book is out of print, but we have a few copies available at the Shop, signed by the author.
In High Places with Henry David Thoreau - John Gibson
Our Price: $18.95

A Hikers Guide with Routes and Maps. By John Gibson Paperback.
Go hiking with Thoreau! This new book includes descriptions of all Thoreau's mountain hikes. comments by Thoreau, and details on terrain. Maps, photographs, trail descriptions, driving information and other hiking details will let you walk on or close to the actual mountain routes Thoreau walked in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. See the mountan world as Thoreau saw it when he walked New England's high ground.
Thoreau and the Language of Trees - Higgins
Our Price: $24.95

In this original book, Richard Higgins explores Thoreau's deep connections to trees: his keen perception of them, the poetry he saw in them, and how they fed his soul. Higgns's lively essays show that trees were a thread connecting all parts of Thoreau's being -- heart, mind, and spirit. The book includes one hundred excepts from Thoreau's writings illustrated by the author's striking black-and-white photographs of trees.
Forward by Robert D. Richardson.
Hard cover, 6 x 8 inch format, 230 pp.

What Would Henry Do? - Essays for the 21st Century
Our Price: $24.95

Published by the Thoreau Farm Trust, Inc. -- Writings that illuminate today's issues and speculate on the answers and actions that Henry David Thoreau might provide if he were asked, compiled in commemoration of his 200th birthday.
Paperback, 6 x 9 inch format.