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Autumnal Tints - CD
Our Price: $8.95

Thoreau's famous essay, "Autumnal Tints", narrated on CD by Brett Barry.  Running time: 72 minutes.
Clearing Land by Jane Brox
Clearing Land, Jane Brox
Our Price: $13.00

Brox, Jane Clearing Land, Legacies of the American Farm. North Point Press, 192 pp. Paperback
In this, her third book about her family farm in Dracut, MA, Jane looks at the "larger consideration of the meaning of cleared land and its relationship to other iconic locations in American landscape: wilderness, prarie, mountain, city." She continues to write prose that reads as poetry.
Winner of Best Book of the Year: Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Monteray County Herald.
Winner of the New England Book Award for Non-Fiction.
Ms. Brox is a member of the Thoreau Society and currently lives in Maine.
Exploring Stone Walls, Robert M. Thornson
Our Price: $14.95

A Field Guide to New England's Stone Walls.  By Robert M. Thornson.
PaperBack, 6 x 8 inch format, 187 pp.
Meditations of Walt Whitman: Earth, My Likeness, Chris Highland
Our Price: $14.95

Meditations of Walt Whitman: Earth, My Likeness.
Compiled and edited by Chris Highland
Paper Back, 5 x 7 inch format, 150 pp.
Meditations of John Muir: Nature's Temple, Chris Highland
Our Price: $14.95

Compiled and edited by Chris Highland.
paper back, 5 x 7 inch format, 145 pp.
The Creation - An Appeal to Save Life on Earth by Edward O. Wilson
Creation, Edward O. Wilson
Our Price: $14.95

The Creation - An Appeal to Save Life on Earth by Edward O. Wilson
Vagabonding, Rolf Potts
Our Price: $15.00

An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel.
Vagabonding is about taking time off from your normal life -- from six weeks to four months to two years -- to discover and experience the world on your own terms.  "Rolf Potts has produced an engaging book that . . . makes readers aware of how many possibilities vagabonding offers them to enhance their lives, and how accessible the experience of long-term travel really is."
5 x 8 inch format, paper back, 200 pp.
Sibley's Birding Basics
Sibley's Birding Basics, David Allen Sibley
Our Price: $15.95

Sibley, David Allen, Sibley's Birding Basics. Alfred A. Knopf Publisher, 2002, 154pp. Paperback.
A how to book on identifying birds, including the basics of how to get started. Illustrated with fabulous drawings and watercolors. A must read guide for anyone wanting to begin bird watching.
Field Guide to Your Own Backyard
Field Guide to Your Own Backyard, John Hanson Mitchell
Our Price: $15.95

John Hanson Mitchell
Illustrations by Laurel Molk

If there is grass and a few scraggling trees, there will be wildlife,” suggests John Hanson Mitchell, an internationally recognized naturalist and advocate for tuning your senses to the wonders that await in your own backyard. Whether your yard consists of a small patch of grass or a rambling mix of forest and field, Mitchell will introduce you to the wealth of plants, insects, and animals that share your patch of the planet. You'll learn how the behavior at the birdfeeder mirrors that of the deepest woods. You'll get a gander at the rich ecology of the woodpile. You'll get to know the neighbors you never knew you had who make their homes under the bark and in the holes of the trees. You'll learn why you might want to welcome a skunk into your garden. With wisdom and gentle humor, this book reacquaints you with the denizens of your own local habitat.

"Mr. Mitchell is one of a rising band of nature writers who will be heard from, thank goodness, in our fin de millenium."
—Edward Hoagland, Balancing Acts
Future of Life by Edward O Wilson
Future of Life, Edward O. Wilson
Our Price: $15.95

Future of Life by Edward O Wilson