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CD Wilderness & Spirit
CD Wilderness & Spirit
Our Price: $14.95

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Wilderness & Spirit; A Mountain Called Katahdin, a Film by Huey. Music Composed by Tom Myron.
Featuring The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Toshiyuki Shimada, conductor and The Keepers of the Penobscot Drum
Tracks Include:
1. Katahdin (Greatest Mountain)
2. Green Corn Song (Keepers of the Penobscot Drum)
3. Ascent (Main Title)
4. Dawn
5. Soaring Eagle
6. Sunset
7. Smiling Moose
8. Hikers in the Mist
9. Pamola's Storm
           "The Story of Grandfather John and Pamola" told by Arnie Neptune
           "Encountering Pamola" told by Bob Baribeau
10. Clearing
11. Eagle Dance (Keepers of the Penobscot Drum)
12. A Walk in the Woods
13. After the Storm
14. Our Hearts are Here
15. Soaring Eagle II
16. Contact
            Reading from Henry David Thoreau's "Ktaadn" by Ron Hoag
17. Twilight
18. Canoe Dance (Keepers of the Penobscot Drum)
19. Gentle Rain
20. Summation
            "Katahdin" written and read by Earl Shaffer
21. Summit Dance (End Title)
Walden CD
Walden CD
Our Price: $15.00

Twelve instrumental compositions by Ken Pedersen, based on his own impressions of Walden Pond. Music based primarily on piano.

Descriptive Text:

Ken Pedersen draws upon Thoreau's ideas to create a musical discovery of beauty and belief in the human spirit. Let his music carry you to a place of serenity and reflection on the meaning of life, nature, and personal choice.


NEW AGE RETAILER Rarely has an artist-owned label released such beautifully packaged, soundly themed, and perfectly produced music. Using Thoreau's devotion to the wildwoods area known as Walden as a means of melding natural and philosophical themes, solo pianist Pedersen has lovingly crafted an utterly gorgeous selection of pastoral melodies that engender deep feelings of tranquillity and repose.
-P J Birosik

NEW AGE VOICE Pedersen draws his inspiration for this album directly from the famous book by the same name written by Thoreau. His piano breathes life into the writer's passages, like the quiet rippling of the wind on the surface of the water with the sunlight dancing off of its sparkling in the morning.

Listen to the wind in the trees and the birds flying among them singing. And then we get to the place where joy so overwhelms the man who appreciates the beauty of nature that he is freespirited to dance in the woods alone, making his own melodies and rhythms from all the life surrounding him.

This is an album which is played with simple, yet expressive structures. His notes and chords convey the impressions of the simple pleasures of a day in the woods without any special effects, just elegant and well played melodies.
-Dan Liss

WIND & WIRE MAGAZINE From the first notes on his debut recording, Walden, Ken Pedersen makes it clear that this listening experience will be one of warmth, understated drama, and poignant beauty. Ken involves the listener emotionally via his heartfelt compositions and expressive playing.
-Bill Binkleman

"THE FABLE TRUE"  --  A new David Mallett project.  The words of Henry David Thoreau's "The Maine Woods"
with narration and instrumental music by David Mallett.
Fable True - David Mallett
Our Price: $16.95

Thoreau's Walden - DVD
Thoreau's Walden - DVD
Our Price: $19.95

27 minutes; PBS
A series of stunning video images of Walden Pond, enhanced by voice-overs of relevant quotes from the writings of Henry D. Thoreau.
Available in DVD ONLY
Wilderness & Spirit: A Mountain Called Katahdin  Video/DVD
Wilderness & Spirit: A Mountain Called Katahdin Video/DVD
Our Price: $24.95

This documentary, produced by Films by Huey, presents the many facets of Maine's Katahdin: from Thoreau's own experiences at Katahdin to Penobscot storytelling; from the annual 100 mile run to the many voyages along the Appalachian Trail. Interviews telling the story of the mountain's past and present, and scenic footage of the area, are enhanced by the original soundtrack.

100 minutes