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Autumnal Tints - Henry David Thoreau, Brett Barry (CD)
Autumnal Tints - Henry David Thoreau, Brett Barry (CD)
Our Price: $8.95

Thoreau's essay, "Autumnal Tints", is narrated by Brett Barry.
Silver Hollow Audio, 2008. CD. Running time: 72 minutes.
Wanderer in Dreamland - Andrew Celentano (CD)
Wanderer in Dreamland - Andrew Celentano (CD)
Our Price: $10.00

Transcendentalism, Impressionistic Music, and Compositions Inspired by Henry Thoreau.""This music was influenced by Andrew Celentano's walks in the woods and the re-reading of some of Thoreau's writings, including Walden and "Walking." Features seven songs. Largely piano music.
Andrew Celentano, 2012. Proceeds donated to The Thoreau Society.
Songs of Walden - Bill Perry (CD)
Songs of Walden - Bill Perry (CD)
Our Price: $14.00

16 songs inspired by Henry David Thoreau and Walden, as performed by guitarist Bill Perry. One of our favorites!
Bill Perry, 1998. CD.
Wilderness & Spirit: A Mountain Called Katahdin (CD)
Wilderness & Spirit: A Mountain Called Katahdin (CD)
Our Price: $14.95

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Wilderness & Spirit; A Mountain Called Katahdin, a Film by Huey. Music Composed by Tom Myron. Featuring The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Toshiyuki Shimada, conductor and The Keepers of the Penobscot Drum
Tracks Include:
1. Katahdin (Greatest Mountain)
2. Green Corn Song (Keepers of the Penobscot Drum)
3. Ascent (Main Title)
4. Dawn
5. Soaring Eagle
6. Sunset
7. Smiling Moose
8. Hikers in the Mist
9. Pamola's Storm
" The Story of Grandfather John and Pamola" told by Arnie Neptune
"Encountering Pamola" told by Bob Baribeau
10. Clearing
11. Eagle Dance (Keepers of the Penobscot Drum)
12. A Walk in the Woods
13. After the Storm
14. Our Hearts are Here
15. Soaring Eagle II
16. Contact
Reading from Henry David Thoreau's "Ktaadn" by Ron Hoag
17. Twilight
18. Canoe Dance (Keepers of the Penobscot Drum)
19. Gentle Rain
20. Summation
"Katahdin" written and read by Earl Shaffer
21. Summit Dance (End Title)
2003. CD.
The Thoreau Family Flute Book - The Walden Duo (CD)
The Thoreau Family Flute Book - The Walden Duo (CD)
Our Price: $16.00

Flute duets taken from the Thoreau family's own collection, interspersed with readings from Thoreau's most popular works. Features the music of The Walden Duo: Judith Sherry Braude and Rachel Braude. 17 songs.
9 West Mastering, Marlborough, Mass. 1999.
Wonder: The Lives of Anna & Harlan Hubbard (DVD)
Wonder: The Lives of Anna & Harlan Hubbard (DVD)
Our Price: $16.50

Chronicles the lives of Harlan Hubbard and his wife Anna and their choice to live without the conveniences of modern life in Payne Hollow, Kentucky. Produced by Morgan Atkinson. Features Wendell Berry and Will Oldham.
Duckwords, 2012. DVD, 60 minutes.
Walden - Ken Pedersen (CD)
Walden - Ken Pedersen (CD)
Our Price: $16.95

14 instrumental piano compositions by Ken Pedersen, based on his own impressions of Walden Pond. Pedersen draws upon Thoreau's ideas to create a musical discovery of beauty and belief in the human spirit. Let his music carry you to a place of serenity and reflection on the meaning of life, nature, and personal choice. One of our favorites.

Ken Pedersen, 1998. CD.

In the Name of Stillness: Celtic Meditation Music - Aine Minogue (CD)
In the Name of Stillness: Celtic Meditation Music - Aine Minogue (CD)
Our Price: $16.95

Meditative music from an ancient source. Features Irish harp accompanied by clarinet, cello, strings, French horn, and guitar. Aine Minogue was born in Borrisokane, County Tipperary, Ireland, and developed her talent as a harpist studying and performing in Ireland. She has contributed to numerous soundtracks for production and film companies. She resides in the United States.
Little Miller Music, 2017. CD.
Marbles with Thoreau (DVD)
Marbles with Thoreau (DVD)
Our Price: $16.99

The year is 1847. Ace and Eva Calloway, two destitute children living in the village of Concord, Massachusetts, run off one day to explore the woods outside of town. They soon stumble across a mysterious cabin on the shores of Walden Pond. Creeping closer, they are surprised to find that the cabin is occupied. They have just made the acquaintance of none other than Henry David Thoreau. As Ace and Eva enter his whimsical world, he endeavors to show them that, even in their poverty, they are already rich. Starring Chris Ackerman, Josephine Gammell, Anders Fillman, and Skylar Nelson. Produced by Melody George.
Handwritten Pictures, 2009. DVD, 16 minutes.
Thoreau's Walden  (DVD)
Thoreau's Walden (DVD)
Our Price: $19.95

A series of stunning video images of Walden Pond, enhanced by voice-overs of relevant quotes from the writings of Henry D. Thoreau. Allows the viewer to walk in the solitude of Thoreau's footsteps and witness the idyllic wilderness of Walden Pond as it might have appeared nearly 150 years ago.
Photovision, 2012. DVD. 27 minutes.