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My Side of the Mountain - Jean Craighead George Compost: A Family Guide to Making Soil from Scraps - Ben Raskin Thoreau at Walden - John Porcellino
Compost: A Family Guide to Making Soil from Scraps - Ben Raskin
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Young Sam Gribley is terribly unhappy living in his family's crowded New York City apartment. So, armed with just the bare necessities -- a penknife, a ball of cord, some flint and steel, and the clothes on his back -- he runs away to the Catskill Mountains. Here he must rely on his own ingenuity and the resources of the great outdoors to survive -- and he discovers a side of himself he never knew existed. A timeless classic story that has been inspiring young people since it was first published in 1959.
Puffin Books, 1988, 2004. Paperback, 177 pp.
Tells all you need to know about making compost, from different methods to the weird and wonderful creatures that help make it happen, and how to build and look after your own heap.
Roost Books, Shambhala, 2013. Hardcover with screws at spine, 48 pp.
Uses only the words of Henry David Thoreau to tell the story of the two years he spent at Walden Pond. The pared-down text focuses on his most profound ideas, and Porcellino's fresh, simple pictures capture the essence of the philosopher's writings. For readers who know Walden intimately, this graphic treatment will provide a new interpretation of the story. For those who have never read the original, it will present a contemporary look at his advice to slow down in an ever-accelerating world.
Disney, Hyperion, 2008, 2018. Paperback, 100 pp.
Into the Deep Forest with Henry David Thoreau - Jim Murphy, Kate Kiesler Johnny Appleseed Hikes for Kids - Joe Adamowicz Henry David Thoreau for Kids: His Life & Ideas, With 21 Activities - Corinne Hosfeld Smith
Follows Henry David Thoreau and two companions on their struggle through the Maine wilderness. Using Thoreau's own journal entries and illustrated with rich oil paintings and pencil drawings by Kate Kiesler, this book offers a true adventure story, filled with suspense and the thrill of discovery. Appropriate for all ages!
Clarion Books, 1995. Hardcover, 40 pp.
North Central Massachusetts is known as "Johnny Appleseed Country." Here is a book that provides details of 25 hikes in the region. Includes maps and photos, along with tips on what to bring and how to prepare, in addition to "KID KONNECTS" -- trail features that will appeal to youngsters. Hikers of all ages will enjoy discovering these local sites. American author and naturalist Henry David Thoreau is best known for living two years along the shores of Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts, and writing about his experiences in Walden; or, Life in the Woods, as well as spending a night in jail for nonpayment of taxes, which he discussed in the influential essay "Civil Disobedience." More than 150 years later, people are still inspired by his thoughtful words about individual rights, social justice, and nature. His detailed plant observations have even proven to be a useful record for 21st-century botanists. Henry David Thoreau for Kids chronicles the short but influential life of this remarkable American thinker. In addition to learning about Thoreau's contributions to our culture, readers will participate in engaging, hands-on projects that bring his ideas to life. Activities include building a model of the Walden cabin, keeping a daily journal, planting a garden, baking trail-bread cakes, going on a half-day hike, and starting a rock collection. The book also includes a time line and list of resources--books, websites, and places to visit that offer even more opportunities to connect with this fascinating man. This book was reviewed in Thoreau Society Bulletin 295, Fall 2016, p. 7. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR.
Chicago Review Press, 2016. Soft cover - 11 x 8.5 inch format - 144 pp.
I Begin with Spring: The Life and Seasons of Henry David Thoreau - Julie Dunlap, Megan Elizabeth Baratta (SIGNED) Thoreau: A Sublime Life - A. Dan, Maximilien Le Roy
This colorful book for young readers weaves natural history around Henry Thoreau's life and times in a richly illustrated field notebook format that can be opened anywhere, inviting browsing on every page. Each season begins with quotes from Thoreau's schoolboy essay about the changing seasons. As we follow him through the fields and woods of Concord, we learn about his joys and challenges of growing up, as well as his experiment with simple living at Walden. For middle grade readers and up, through adults. Written by Julie Dunlap, illustrated by Megan Elizabeth Baratta. SIGNED BY BOTH on a label on the front flyleaf. This book was reviewed in Thoreau Society Bulletin 321, Spring 2023, p. 9-10.
Tilbury House Publishers, 2022. Hardcover, 96 pp.
This graphic novel biography relates the forward looking inspirational life of the great author, philosopher and pioneering ecologist, Henry David Thoreau. Includes a more traditional biographical summary by Michael Granger. This book was reviewed in Thoreau Society Bulletin #297, Spring 2017, on p. 8.
NBM Graphic Novels, 2016. Hardcover, 86 pp.