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The Concord Saunterer, New Series Volume 6 (1998) The Concord Saunterer, New Series Volume 8 (2000) The Concord Saunterer: A Journal of Thoreau Studies, New Series Volume 16 (2008)
The Concord Saunterer, New Series Volume 6 (1998)
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The Concord Saunterer, New Series Volume 8 (2000)
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The annual journal of the Thoreau Society. Articles: "Edward Waldo Emerson's Recollections of His Father's Death" / Joel Myerson ; "Foundations for the Castle: Building the Thoreau Institute" / Jason Taylor ; "Thoreau, Thales, and the Distribution of Water" / Eric Wilson ; "'I am of French Extract:' Thoreau's Sympathy with the French" / Richard S. Randolph ; "Henry David Thoreau" / Frans G. Bengtsson ; "German and the American Transcendentalists: An Intellectual Bridge" / Patrick Labriola ; "West by Southwest: Thoreau's Minnesota Journey" / Gordon V. Boudreau ; "Thoreau and Zane Grey's The Vanishing American" / Victor Carl Friesen ; "Thoreau as Leading Man: Bringing Him to the Screen" / Linda Keslar.
The Thoreau Society, 1998. Paperback, 178 pp.
The annual journal of the Thoreau Society. Articles: "The Environment and the 21st Century: A Thoreauvian Interlude" / Max Oelschlaeger; "Journal of a Cross Lot Walker: Why We Think We Own North America" / John Hanson Mitchell; "Thoreau's Virtue Ethics in Walden" / Philip Cafaro; "The Publication of Nature: Walden and the Struggle of Authorship" / John Nickel; "N. C. Wyeth, Thoreau, and Men of Concord" / Leslie Perrin Wilson; "Thoreau, His Critics, and the Public" / N. C. Wyeth; "Eight Hours: John Muir in Concord" / J. Parker Huber.
The Thoreau Society, 2000, Paperback, 128 pp.
The annual periodical of The Thoreau Society. Articles: "In the Company of Savagists: Thoreau's Indian Books" / Joshua David Bellin ; "The Theme of Time in Thoreau's Cape Cod" / Benjamin Vilhauer ; "Walden's Political Thoreau" / Paul Friedrich ; "Thoreau's Translations: John Brown, Apples, Lillies" / Edward Mooney ; "Commercial Method and Thoreau's Economy of Subsistence Writing" / David Dowling ; "The Old Corner Bookstore: 'Rialto of Current Good Things, Hub of the Hub'" / David Emblidge ; "The Elusive Spirit of Thoreau" / Rexford Strathroy ; "Almost There: Thoreau's Iconic Animals and Typee's Tidal Tug" / Michael Gionfriddo.
The Thoreau Society, 2008. Paperback, 158 pp.
The Concord Saunterer: A Journal of Thoreau Studies, New Series Volume 17 (2009) The Concord Saunterer: A Journal of Thoreau Studies, New Series Volume 25 (2017) The Concord Saunterer: A Journal of Thoreau Studies, New Series Volume 26 (2018)
The annual periodical of The Thoreau Society. Articles: "The Troubled Ocean: Charity, Sentiment, and Thoreau's Global Consciousness in Cape Cod" / James Patrick Brown ; "Hunting the Human Animal: The Art of Ethical Perception in 'Higher Laws'" / Nancy Mayer ; "Henry Thoreauy, Charles Olson and the Poetics of Place" / Kristen Case ; "Evolving Transcendentalism: Thoreauvian Simplicity in Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin and Contemporary Ecological Architecture" / Naomi Uechi ; "'A real practical, in the American manner:' Turgenov's Emersonian Reformer" / Jeffrey Bilbro ; "'The Most Dismal Fraud of the New England Transcendental Group:' Julian Hawthorne on Thoreau / Gary Scharnhorst ; "Henry David Thoreau and the American Work Ethic" / David B. Raymond.
The Thoreau Society, 2009. Paperback, 158 pp.
The annual periodical of The Thoreau Society. Articles: "As High a Heaven" / Richard Higgins ; "The Quiet Pattern of Walden Pond: Four Models of the Pond's Water Level" / John M. Nevison ; "Thoreau, the Work of Breathing and Building Castles in the Air: Reading Walden's Conclusion" / Michael Gionfriddo ; "A School for the Present: Educational Lessons from Thoreau's Journal" / Ernesto Estrella Cozar ; "Sauntering the Year with Henry Thoreau" / Donna Marie Pryzbojewski ; "Tweeting Thoreau, and Other 21st-Century Strategies" / Luke Sundermeier and Heather Bise ; "Through 'The Bean Field'" / David Albano ; "A 21st-Century Approximation of Two Years in the Woods" / Liz Sokolov ; "Chatting About 'Nature" with Henry Thoreau and William Cronin" / Andrew Bishop ; "Teaching Thoreau's 'Walking' in the 21st Century" / Michael R. Schrimper ; "Taking Thoreau to Texas" / Kathryn Hamilton Warren ; "Grappling with Thoreau's 'Civil Disobedience' in the Russian Federation" / Christian Peterson ; "Thoreau in China: Reflections on Teaching Walden to Chinese Students" / Patrick Morgan ; "Thoreau, Race, and Environmental Justice: Deepening the Conversation" / Rebecca Kneale Gould. Poetry: "Aphelion," "North Woods," "At the Lake" / Sarah Alcott Anderson ; "Godhood" / Victor Carl Friesen.
The Thoreau Society, 2017. Paperback, 194 pp.
The annual periodical of The Thoreau Society. Articles: "Walking in the Wolf Light" / Christopher V. And Raymond F. Dolle ; "'A Smack of Wilderness:' Affect and Enchantment in Thoreau's First Taste of the Maine Wildernerss" / Jake McGinnis ; "Thoreau's Poetry and the New Materialism: A Matter of 'Enmeshedness'" / Michael R. Schrimper ; "Confucianism, Transcendentalism and the Dao of Henry Thoreau" / Austin Bernard Ross ; "Educating the State: Civil Disobedience by Dumas' Musketeers" / Brent Ranalli ; "Stop the Machine: Civil Disobedience and Maria Alyokhina's Riot Days" / Charmion Gustke ; "Radical Minimalism: Walden in the Capitalocene" / Resisting Extinction with Thoreau's Mystical Empiricism" / Rachael DeWitt ; "Thoreau at the Crossroads" / John Matteson and Diane Whitley Grote ; "Vain Strivings Untied" / David K. Leff.
The Thoreau Society, 2018. Paperback, 169 pp.
Boston Magazine, May 2021 Thoreau Society Bulletin 298 Summer 2017 Thoreau Society Bulletin 302 Summer 2018
The May 2021 issue of Boston Magazine features "The 100 Most Influential Bostonians," by David S. Bernstein. Ibram X. Kendi, The Thoreau Society's keynote speaker for 2021, is #2 on the list (second only to the "Vaccine makers"). Additional articles: "The New Teenage Moguls" / Catherine Elton ; "Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back Outside ..." / Chris Sweeney; "The Thrill of the Hunt" / Lisa Pierpont; "The Once and Future Kenmore Square" / Rachel Slade; and "Boston's Hollywood Problem" / Dart Adams; plus entries in "The Hub," "Life & Style," and "Home & Property." As colorfully illustrated as you may imagine.
Boston Magazine, 2021. Paperback, 116 pp.
A quarterly newsletter of The Thoreau Society. This is a special issue titled "The Thoreau Bicentennial 1817-2017." In this issue: "Writing Thoreau's Life" / Laura Dassow Walls ; "A Manuscript Edition in Paris" / Julien Negre ; "My Radical Thoreau" / Len Gougeon ; "Placing Thoreau's Bicentennial" / Kristi Lynn Martin ; "Thoreau's Death" / Lawrence Buell ; "Truth Revisited" / Mark Gallagher ; "A Gift for Thoreau's Birthday" / Elizabeth Witherell. Book reviews: Henry David Thoreau: A Life (by Laura Dassow Walls) / David M. Robinson ; Thoreau at 200: Essays and Reassessments (edited by Kristen Case and K. P. Van Anglen) / Henrik Otterberg.
The Thoreau Society, 2017, TSB 298, Paperback, 20 pp.
A quarterly newsletter issued by The Thoreau Society. In this issue: "Thoreau's Reading of George Copway: An Additional Indian Notebook" / John J. Kucich and Caitlin Cribben ; "Thoreau's Marginalia in his personal copy of Copway's Traditional History and Characteristic Sketches of the Ojibway Nation" / John J. Kucich and Caitlin Cribben ; "Walden Breezes" / Joel Myerson ; "Being Ambassadors for Thoreau in Cayuga County" / Howard Nelson and Charles Weld ; "Henry in Scandinavia" / Geoff Wisner ; "Varieties of 'Civil Disobedience'" / John LeJeune. Book reviews: Taking Sides with the Sun: Landscape Photographer Herbert W. Gleason, A Biography (by Dale R. Schwie) / Corinne H. Smith ; When I Came to Die: Process and Prophecy in Thoreau's Vision of Dying (by Audrey Raden) / Henrik Otterberg.
The Thoreau Society, 2018, TSB 302, Paperback, 20 pp.
Thoreau Society Bulletin 311 Fall 2020 Thoreau Society Bulletin 308 Winter 2020 Thoreau Society Bulletin 306 Summer 2019
One of the quarterly newsletters of The Thoreau Society. In this issue: "Thoreau, Tuberculosis, and the Outdoor Life" / Michael Gionfriddo ; "Thoreau's PTSD and Posttraumatic Growth" / Michael Sperber and Brent Ranalli ; "The Fire Within: A Tribute to Bob Richardson" Laura Dassow Walls ; "Upstream with the Transcendentalists" / Robert D. Richardson. Book reviews: Transcendental Heresies: Harvard and the Modern Practice of Unbelief (David Faflik), by Stephen Hahn ; Techno-Thoreau: Aesthetics, Ecology and the Capitalocene (David Lombard) / Rachael DeWitt.

The Thoreau Society, 2020, TSB 311, Paperback, 20 pp.
One of the quarterly newsletters of The Thoreau Society. In this issue: "Finding Thoreau in the North Maine Woods" / Jake McGinnis ; "Teaching Thoreau: Exploring Place and Space in Online Teaching of A Week" / Michael S. Martin ; "Walden Pond at Logan Airport" / Mark Gallagher and Brent Ranalli. Book reviews: Rediscovering the Maine Woods: Thoreau's Legacy in an Unsettled Land (John J. Kucich, ed.) / Henrik Otterberg ; The Other Hermit of Thoreau's Walden Pond: The Sojourn of Edmond Stuart Hotham (Terry Barkley) / Kristi Lynn Martin ; L'arpenteur vagabond: Cartes et cartographies dans l'oeuvre de Henry David Thoreau (Julien Negre) / Francois Specq.
The Thoreau Society, 2020, TSB 308, Paperback, 20 pp. PLEASE NOTE: Our remaining issues have slight water damage.
One of the quarterly newsletters of The Thoreau Society. In this issue: "On China Asters" / C. John Burk ; "The Thoreau Society of Japan Annual Meeting 2018" / Michiko Ono ; "Hamlet in Thoreau's 'Civil Disobedience'," / R. W. Desai. Book reviews: Finding Thoreau: The Meaning of Nature in the Making of an Environmental Icon (Richard W. Judd) / Lawrence Buell ; The Road to Walden: 12 Life Lessons from a Sojourn to Thoreau's Cabin (Kevin Dann) / Sheila Post ; The Upland Farm: Thoreau on Cultivating a Better Life (Peter Saint-Andre) / Paul Newton.
The Thoreau Society, 2019, TSB 306, Paperback, 16 pp.
Thoreau Society Bulletin 309 Spring 2020 Thoreau Society Bulletin 303 Fall 2018 Thoreau Society Bulletin 305 Spring 2019
One of the quarterly newsletters of The Thoreau Society. In this issue: "Thoreau's Continuing Contributions to Climate Change Science" / Richard B. Primack and Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie ; "Light and Language in Thoreau and Rumi" / Alireza Taghdarreh ; "Thoreau's Way with Words" / Mary G. Bernath. Reviews: Thoreau's Notes on Birds of New England (Henry David Thoreau) / Geoff Wisner ; Henry David Thoreau: Surveyor of the Soul (Films by Huey) / Rebecca Kneale Gould.
The Thoreau Society, 2020, TSB 309, Paperback, 20 pp.
One of the quarterly newsletters of The Thoreau Society. In this issue: "Thoreau in Billerica" / Marlies Henderson ; "The Thoreau Trail in South Korea" / Inho Yoo ; "Teaching with Walden, A Game" / Michael C. Weisenburg. Book reviews: The Call of Classical Literature in the Romantic Age (by K. P. Van Anglen and James Engell, eds.) / Norman Vance ; Utopias of One (by Joshua Kotin) / David Faflik ; Naming Mt. Thoreau (by Laurie Glover, ed.) / Brent Ranalli.
The Thoreau Society, 2018, TSB 303, Paperback, 20 pp.
A quarterly newsletter issued by The Thoreau Society. In this issue: "A Tribute to Sophia Thoreau" / Richard Smith ; "Walden: 100 Years After Thoreau: A Retrospective" / John Irving Clapp ; "Octavius Brooks Frothingham's Review of A Week" / Mark Gallagher ; "Knowing Thoreau: Using Nature Writing with Middle School Students" / Tonya Lambert ; "Thoreau Society Welcomes Penobscot Nation" / Ron Hoag. Book reviews: Learning from Thoreau (by Andrew Menard) / Henrik Otterberg ; Transcendentalism and the Cultivation of the Soul (by Barry M. Andrews) / Alan Hodder.
The Thoreau Society, 2019, TSB 305, Paperback.
Thoreau Society Bulletin 304 Winter 2019 Thoreau Society Bulletin 310 Summer 2020 Thoreau Society Bulletin 300 Winter 2018
A quarterly newsletter issued by The Thoreau Society. In this issue: "A Different Kind of Wildness: Environmental Humor and Cultural Resilience" / Aaron Sachs ; "Sizing Up the Rowse Portrait of Thoreau" / James Dawson ; "Teaching Thoreau Together with Robert Frost" / Michael West. Book reviews: Two Cities: The Political Thought of American Transcendentalism (by Daniel Malachuk) / Neal Dolan ; Ornamental Aesthetics: The Poetry of Attending in Thoreau, Dickinson, and Whitman (by Theo Davis) / Michael R. Schrimper ; The Guide to Walden Pond: An Exploration of the History, Nature, Landscape, and Literature of One of America's Most Iconic Places (by Robert M. Thorson) / Corinne H. Smith. Abstracts: Thoreau Society Panel at The Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Chicago, January 4, 2019: Thoreau and Biography.
The Thoreau Society, 2019, TSB 304, Paperback, 16 pp.
One of the quarterly newsletters of The Thoreau Society. In this issue: "Thoreau and John Brown as Proletarian Heroes: Mike Gold's Battle Hymn" / Patrick Chura ; "Thoreau and the Economics of Crime and Punishment" / Thomas J. Miceli. Book reviews: Lessons from Walden: Thoreau and the Crisis of American Democracy (by Bob Pepperman Taylor) / Geoff Wisner ; Black Walden: Slavery and its Aftermath in Concord, Massachusetts (by Elise Lemire) / Marlies Henderson ; This Radical Land: A Natural History of American Dissent (by Daegan Miller) / Evan Edwards.
The Thoreau Society, 2020, TSB 310, Paperback, 20 pp.
A quarterly newsletter issued by The Thoreau Society. In this issue: "Revisiting Thoreau's 1858 Monadnock Campsite" / Robert Young ; "A Bulletin Retrospective" / Henrik Otterberg ; "Teaching Thoreau: How We Spend Our Lives: Thoreau and Social Advocacy" / Charmion Gustke ; "Thoreau and the Election Cake Fungus" / Cherrie Corey and Brent Ranalli ; "Dedicating the Steeple Bell" / Richard Higgins. Book reviews: Thoreau's Animals (edited by Geoff Wisner) / Michelle C. Neely ; Expect Great Things: The Life and Search of Henry David Thoreau (by Kevin Dann) / Stephen Hahn.
The Thoreau Society, 2018, TSB 300, Paperback, 20 pp.
Thoreau Society Bulletin 307 Fall 2019 Thoreau Society Bulletin 312 Winter 2021 The Concord Saunterer, New Series Volume 12/13 (2004/2005)
The Concord Saunterer, New Series Volume 12/13 (2004/2005)
List Price: $55.00
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One of the quarterly newsletters of The Thoreau Society. In this issue: "A New Generation of Thoreaus" / Dana E. Abizaid ; "Thoreau Society Honors Leslie Perrin Wilson" / Joseph C. Wheeler ; "Alfred Hosmer's Notes in Salt's Biography of Thoreau, and an Unpublished Salt Letter" / James Dawson ; "Abstracts: Thoreau Society Panel at the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) Conference, University of California, Davis, June 26-30, 2019: Ecological Erotics." Book reviews: The Correspondence of Henry D. Thoreau. Volume 2: 1849-1856 (Robert N. Hudspeth, editor) / Sandra Harbert Petrulionis ; Emerson, Thoreau et Brownson au Quebec. Elements pour une comparison des milieux intellectuals en Nouvelle-Angleterre et au Bas-Canada (1830-1860) (Yvan Lamonde) / Julien Negre.
The Thoreau Society, 2019, TSB 307, Paperback, 16 pp.
A quarterly newsletter issued by The Thoreau Society. In this issue: "The Architecture of Self-Isolation: Building Henry David Thoreau's Walden Pond House in the Maine Woods" / Tom Sieniewicz ; "The Pedagogy of Thoreau's Essay 'Walking'" / Lynn Holtzman. Reviews: "Donna Marie Prsybojewski's Books about Thoreau for Children: A Review" / Dianne McConville Weiss and Victor Curran; "All That Heaven Allows (1955): Sirk's Thoreauvian Parable of American Home-Making" / Keegan O'Connor.
The Thoreau Society, 2021, TSB 312, Paperback, 20 pp.

The annual periodical of The Thoreau Society. Special Walden Sesquicentennial Issue: Walden the Place and Walden the Book. Contains articles celebrating the 150th anniversary of the publication of Thoreau's most famous work. Articles: "Thoreau's Walden in the Twenty-first Century" ; "Thoreau's Walden in the Global Community" ; "Emerson's 'Wyman Lot:' Forgotten Context for Thoreau's House at Walden" / W. Barksdale Maynard ; "Rediscovery at Walden: The History of Thoreau's Bean-Field" / Bradley P. Dean ; "Three Thoreau Haunts at Walden Woods" / J. Walter Brain ; "Realizing Resistance: Thoreau and the First of August, 1846 at Walden" / Randall Conrad ; "Saving Walden" / Joseph C. Wheeler ; "Beyond the 'Common Course:' Exploring and Teaching Walden on Foot" / Lucinda Damon-Bach ; "Hound, Bay Horse and Turtle-Dove: Obscurity and Authority in Thoreau's Walden" / Henrik Otterberg ; "Transcendentalism, Perfectionism and Walden" / Daniel S. Malachuk ; "'Live Thus Deliberately:' Authenticity and Narrative Ethics in Walden" / Antonio Casado da Rocha ; "Ripeness: Thoreau's Critique of Technological Modernity" / Ken Hiltner ; "'The Life Excited:' Faces of Thoreau in Walden" / Steven Hartman ; "Walden as Feminist Manifesto" / Laura Dassow Walls ; "The Everlasting Great Look of the Sky: Thoreau and E. B. White at Walden Pond" / Robert Root ; "Meaning in N.C. Wyeth's Walden Pond Revisited" / Mark Sullivan ; "Wilderness and Spirit, A Mountain Called Katahdin: An Interview with Maine Filmmaker Huey" / Ronald Wesley Hoag.
The Thoreau Society, 2005. Paperback, 424 pp.
The Concord Saunterer: A Journal of Thoreau Studies, New Series Volume 27 (2019) Concord Saunterer: A Journal of Thoreau Studies, New Series Volume 28 (2020) Thoreau Journal Quarterly (Available issues as a set)
The annual periodical of The Thoreau Society. Articles: Three Ways of Looking at a Loon: Gavia Immer (Common Loon) in the Works of Henry David Thoreau / Ann Beebe ; "And the Landscape Radiated From Me Accordingly": Discovering Thoreau as Surveyor in the American Literature Survey / Denise Kohn ; Henry Thoreau, Archaeologist? / Curtis Runnels ; Re-Measuring Thoreau: The Maine Woods and Thoreau's Evolving Appreciation of the Racial Other / Michael Stoneham ; Thoreau's Indian Stride / Brent Ranalli ; Thoreau and Biography / James S. Finley ; Reframing Thoreau's Stoic Biography / Jacob Risinger ; A Posthumous Life: Thoreau and the Possibilities of Posthuman Biography / Karah M. Mitchell ; Thoreau without Emerson? / John Ronan ; Who Touches This: Thoreau and the [Auto]Biographical Imperative / Stan Tag ; Thoreau and Biography: A Response / Laura Dassow Walls.
The Thoreau Society, 2019. Paperback, 169 pp.
The annual periodical of The Thoreau Society. Articles: "The Strange Evolution of Henry Thoreau's House: An Architectural Journey" / Charles Shurcliff ; "An Inexhaustible (Digital) Landscape: Reading Thoreau's Journal Drawings" / Kathleen Coyne Kelly, Matt Hardy, Greg Palermo ; "Voicing Silence: Thoreau's Spiritual Audition" / Christopher A. Dustin ; "Henry Thoreau: Secret Schizoid" / Joseph Cusumano ; "The Aim of the Laborer: Critical Assessments of Henry David Thoreau's Philosophy of Work" / David B. Raymond ; "Thoreau's Legacy for Climate Change" / Scott Hess ; "The Ralph Waldo Emerson Society: An 'Ever-Evolving Circle'" / Bonnie Carr O'Neill ; "Storytelling in the 21st Century: The Feminist Author Society in the Era of Trump" / Noelle A. Baker ; "The Potential of the Author Society" / Marlow Daly-Galeano ; "Authorizing Scholarship" / Karen L. Kilcup ; "Fostering Education and Challenging Our Lives: The Thoreau Society in Action" / James S. Finley and Sandra Harbert Petrulionis ; "Beyond the Concord and Merrimack Henry Lifts an Arrowhead from the Manse Field Relic Hunting" [poetry] / Catherine Staples.
The Thoreau Society, 2020. Paperback, 230 pp.

Thoreau Journal Quarterly (ISSN: 0040-6392) was the membership publication for the Thoreau Fellowship, an organization based in Old Town, Maine, and founded by Mary P. Sherwood, Wade Van Dore, and Leonard Kleinfeld. The group was affiliated with the Department of English at the University of Maine at Orono. TJQ was released from 1969 to 1981, and ran from Volume I Number 1 to Volume XIII Number 3-4. Editors were Mary P. Sherwood (1969-1972), Lewis Leary (1973 1974), Richard F. Fleck (1975-1977), and Marie Olesen Urbanski (1978 1981), though Mary Sherwood served as managing editor for the first nine years. TJQ began as "a hybrid publication of professional, semi professional and popular items" about Henry David Thoreau's life and works, with a special focus on his trips and connections to Maine. Issues often included contemporary poetry inspired by Henry's words. At the close of 1981, the responsibility for the publication was moved to the Department of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, and the periodical name was changed to The Thoreau Quarterly: A Journal of Literary and Philosophical Studies. We have the last remaining issues of TJQ and have assembled partial sets. They were stored in a barn at one point, so some covers have slight soiling. We can currently offer 30 issues of the original 49-issue run as one lot. These are now rare.