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Self-Reliance, Ralph Waldo Emerson
Our Price: $3.50

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Self Reliance and Other Essays. New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1993. 117 pp. Paperback.

This slim and inexpensive volume contains seven of Emerson's most famous essays: "History," "Self-Reliance," "Friendship," "The Over-Soul," "The Poet," "Experience," and "The Divinity School Address."

Woman in the Nineteenth Century
Woman in the Nineteenth Century, Margaret Fuller
Our Price: $4.00

Fuller, Margaret. Woman in the Nineteenth Century. NY: Dover Publications, 1999. paperback. 132pp.

Concord Authors
Concord Authors, Alex Moore
Our Price: $6.00

Moore, Alex W., Jr. Concord Authors: Biographical Notes. Concord: Anaxagoras Publications, 1996. Booklet. 26 pp.

This handy booklet traces the lives of four of Concord's nineteenth century writers: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau and Louisa May Alcott. The timeline format clarifies the interconnectedness of these authors and their families.

Meditations of John Burroughs
Meditations of John Burroughs
List Price: $9.99
Our Price: $8.00
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Meditations of John Burroughs: Nature is Home.
By Chris Highland.
Presents 60 reflections from this great and prolific American naturalist.
Paperback, 5 x 8 inch format, 142 pp.
Creating Waldens, Ronald A Bosco, Joel Myerson, Daisaku Ikeda
Creating Waldens, Ronald A Bosco, Joel Myerson, Daisaku Ikeda
Our Price: $14.95

Creating Waldens: An East-West Conversation on the American Renaissance.
This book consists of provocative discussions among Ronald A Bosco, Joel Myerson and Daisaku Ikeda.  In it they explore the multifaceted, enduring legacy of Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman, with a view toward answering the question: How can I incorporate the spiritual and ethical insights of Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman into my life today?
Meditations of Ralph Waldo Emerson: Into the Green Future
Meditations of Ralph Waldo Emerson: Into the Green Future, Chris Highland
Our Price: $14.95

Highland, Chris, Editor. Mediations of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Into the Green Future. Wilderness Press, 146pp. Paperback.
Selections from 30 years of Emerson's writings reveal the essence of this great author, poet and philosopher, along with quotations from historical and contemporary thinkers.
Paper back, 5 x 7 inch format, 137 pp.
Stirring the Nation's Heart, Polly Peterson
Stirring the Nation's Heart, Polly Peterson
Our Price: $15.00

Stirring the Nation's Heart: Eighteen Stories of Prophetic Unitarians and Universalists of the Nineteenth Century,
by Polly Peterson.
"This book explores the nineteenth-century roots of our liberal faith through the stories of some of the people who led us in new directions at a pivotal time in American history."
Paper Back, 6 x 9 inch format, 195 pp.
Spirit Leads, The:  Margaret Fuller In Her Own Words,  Barry Andrews
Spirit Leads, The: Margaret Fuller In Her Own Words, Barry Andrews
Our Price: $16.00

The Spirit Leads: Margaret Fuller In Her Own Words; Barry Andrews, Editor.
Just published (May, 2010) for the bicentennial of Fuller's birth, this book presents selected readings -- both public and private -- from her letters, books and essays, newspaper columns and dispatches, and portions of her journal.  As well as Fuller's own words, this volume includes a chronology, biographical sketch, commentary on Fuller's spiritual and intellectual development, and suggested additional reading.
Barry Andrews is a Unitarian Minister, and a leading authority on the Transcendentalist movement in New England.
Paper Back, 5 x 8 inch format, 114 pp.
The Peabody Sisters
The Peabody Sisters, Megan Marshall
Our Price: $16.95

Marshall, Megan The Peabody Sisters; Three Women Who Ignited American Romanticism. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 2005, Paper Back Edition.
Elizabeth, Mary, and Sophia Peabody were in many ways our American Brontes. The story of these remarkable sisters ? and their central role in shaping the thinking of their day ? has never before been fully told. Twenty years in the making, Megan Marshall's monumental biograpy brings the era of creative ferment known as American Romanticism to new life. Elizabeth, the oldest sister, was a mind-on-fire thinker. A powerful influence on the great writers of the era ? Emerson, Hawthorne, and Thoreau among them ? she also published some of their earliest works. It was Elizabeth who prodded these newly minted Transcendentalists away from Emerson's individualism and toward a greater connection to others. Mary was a determined and passionate reformer who finally found her soul mate in the great educator Horace Mann. The frail Sophia was a painter who won the admiration of the preeminent society artists of the day. She married Nathaniel Hawthorne ? but not before Hawthorne threw the delicate dynamics among the sisters into disarray. Marshall focuses on the moment when the Peabody sisters made their indelible mark on history. Her unprecedented research into these lives uncovered thousands of letters never read before as well as other previously unmined original sources. The Peabody Sisters casts new light on a legendary American era. Its publication is destined to become an event in American biography.

This book is highly recommended for students and reading groups interested in American history, American literature, and women's studies. It is a wonderful look into 19th-century life.

Portable Emerson
Portable Emerson, Ralph Waldo Emerson
Our Price: $18.00

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. The Portable Emerson. Edited by Carl Bode and Malcolm Cowley. New York: Viking Penguin, Inc., 1981. 668 pp. Paperback.

This impressive collection includes Emerson's most famous essays, his first book (Nature) in its entirety, 22 of his poems and several orations and biographical essays.